Student Loan Resources


We want you to be successful in your fight against student loans. That’s why we’ve pulled together this helpful list of resources that we think will help you crush your debt and break free from the burden of student loans. Though we want you to stick around on our site, some of the links below will bring you to outside resources that can help. Use these links as a road map on your journey to financial peace.

Student Debt Warrior Guides and Walk Throughs

How to Keep Track of Your Student Loans
What to do if You Can’t Make Your Student Loan Payments Due to Natural Disaster
Why Students Should Start Investing While in College

Student Debt Warrior Must-Reads

For when you want to save money in college:
10 Ways to Reduce Your College Expenses
Live at Home While in College to Reduce Debt
Use Summer/Winter Courses to Save Time (and Money) in College
Use Work Study to Pay Down Your Debt While in College

For when you are having trouble paying your student loans:
What Happens If I Stop Paying My Federal Student Loans?
Your Options for Income-Based Student Loan Repayment
Deferment vs. Forbearance: What’s the Difference?
9 Ways You May Qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness

For when you want to pay your loans back faster:
Should I Try Paying Off My Student Loans Faster?
Why You Should Create an Emergency Fund While Paying Down Your Student Loans
3 Great Strategies for Paying Off Student Loans Faster

Helpful Calculators

For when you need help estimating your payment amounts:
FinAid Student Loan Payment Calculator
Bankrate Student Loan Payoff Calculator
NerdWallet Student Loan Calculator

For when you need help with your repayment plan: Repayment Estimator
LendEdu Student Loan Refinancing Estimator

Trusted Resources

For when you want great personal finance tips (not necessarily about student loans):
Grow Magazine
Credit Karma

For when you want to hear it straight from  the government:
Federal Student Aid

For when you need to contact your federal student loan servicer:
Great Lakes Educational Loan Services
CornerStone Educational Loan Services
Granite State Management & Resources
FedLoan Servicing
EdFinancial Services