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Freelance Financial Writer

SEO-driven content for fintech and financial companies, written with the reader in mind.

If you’re looking for a freelance finance writer to add to your content team, then I’m your guy!

As someone who has made plenty of financial mistakes over the years, I approach my writing from a very personal place. I see my writing as a way of communicating complicated ideas as simply as possible, so that I can take the confusion out of finances and empower the reader to avoid making the same mistakes that I’ve made.

For the past five years, my writing has supported a range of fintech, insurtech, and traditional financial institutions in their efforts to attract new customers, answer their financial questions, and educate them along their journey to financial stability and freedom.  

In writing any content, I aim to follow the tenets of the inbound methodology, wherein content is designed to meet the reader wherever they happen to be in buyer’s journey. I do this by understanding your ideal customers and the questions they’re likely to ask, and by using that understanding to draft blog posts, articles, and how-to guides that will answer those questions. 

The end result is that you begin building the trust and authority you need to have strong relationships with your eventual customers. 

I’m not just good at what I do. I’m passionate about it.

Fast Facts About Me

1 Website

Founded, Built, and Managed

1 Week

Average Turnaround

5+ Years

In Business

15+ Clients


1,000+ Articles

Written on Financial Topics

2 Million+

Organic Impressions Generated

Writing Services Available

I support my clients by writing long- and short-form content, in whatever form best suits their needs. Whether it’s blog posts, articles, how-to guides, guest posts, product pages, landing pages, reviews, or something else entirely, everything I write is done through the lens of SEO best practices so that content fills both an immediate need while also providing long-term growth. Available services include:

  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • How-To Guides
  • Guest Posts
  • Ghost Writing
  • Pillar Pages
  • Product Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Reviews
  • Content Strategy
  • SEO Advising

I've Worked With

Most of my current and former clients are in the consumer-focused financial industry. I have worked with companies ranging from fintech startups to well-established traditional financial institutions. While my primary focus is finance, I have also written on a range of other topics, including lifestyle, LGBTQ+, industry, travel, and higher education.

Just some of my current or former clients include: Acorns.com, LearnVest, Northwestern Mutual, Grow Magazine, Credible Student Loans, Beam Bank, and Fundera. My work has also appeared in Forbes, MarketWatch, Business Insider, HuffPost, Rockstar Finance, Thrive Global, and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Topics I'm Passionate About

Personal finance (in its myriad forms) is something that I’m passionate about. I’ve written about, and love writing about:

  • Personal Finance
  • Student Loans
  • Debt Reduction
  • Credit Management
  • Investing 
  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Borrowing & Lending
  • Taxes
  • Retirement
  • Insurance (Life, Disability, Home)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Wealth Management
  • Financial Planning
  • The Economy
  • Side Gigs & Hustling
  • Career Development
  • Business Development
  • Banking Regulation
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Travel

What My Clients Have To Say

Below are a number of testimonials from my current and former clients who agreed to share their experience of working with me in a range of capacities:

“I have worked with Tim Stobierski in two capacities: As the former Editor in Chief of Grow, a personal finance site, and as Chief Education Officer at Acorns, a financial wellness app. He is a talented writer with a strong grasp of personal finance fundamentals and excellent research skills, and he quickly became one of my go-to writers. He is reliable, responsive and meets every deadline. And he has proven himself adept at writing a range of content—from editorial articles to SEO guides. He is also just a pleasure to work with: Upbeat, thoughtful, and always professional. ”

Jennifer BarrettChief Education Officer at Acorns

“Tim is a talented writer and a pleasure to work with. He has written a variety of articles for me across multiple brands (LearnVest, Northwestern Mutual, Fundera) and topics, and he always submits well-researched and thoughtfully put together copy. In addition to being a valuable and dependable resource, he also goes above and beyond the assignment at hand. From quickly familiarizing himself with each brand's style to considering our overall editorial strategy and providing insightful recommendations, Tim has proven himself to be a freelancer I turn to again and again for his exceptional work.

Christine AebischerEditor at Nerdwallet, previously Fundera & Northwestern Mutual

“Tim brings a powerful combination of clear, engaging writing, and a deep understanding of the latest SEO trends to every project he tackles. He quickly became one of my go-to freelancers when I led PR and Content at Credible, where I counted on him to unpack complex student loan topics and to help our audience make informed decisions around paying for college. Tim is talented, reliable and a pleasure to work with—I highly recommend him for your content development needs.

Mike JursDirector of Communications & Content at Credible

Tim has been an incredible writing resource and advisor since we began working with him. He produces clear and high-quality work, and he's very easy to communicate with. Not only is he a great writer, but he also provides suggestions and new ideas for how to improve our content marketing and SEO efforts. I would highly recommend him for any organization's writing needs.”

Jenna PearlsteinMarketing Manager at Matic Insurance

How I Work

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Your Business Needs

Because your unique business needs should inform the content that I create, my first step is to understand your needs and those of your customer/reader. How does the content I’m writing relate back to those needs? What calls-to-action will be included in each? What does your brand voice sound like? Do you have editorial guidelines or internal style guidelines that I should reference?


On The Assignment

However you like to handle assignments, I’m happy to oblige. For some of my clients, that means they reach out to me when they have an article or assignment in need of an author; for others, it means I pitch ideas directly to them. Whatever the case, I can typically turn around an 800-1,500 word article within 7 business days or sooner, when necessary. I prefer to charge on a per-piece basis and not a per-word or hourly basis.
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On Outline & Scope

Based on the information you provide me when assigning the content, I’ll create an initial outline and share it with you prior to beginning any actual writing. This is to ensure that we’re aligned and in agreement on the direction of the piece before I get started. Usually, this will include the general “angle” of the piece, as well as suggested sections and potential resources.

Similarly, this if you would like me to interview subject matter experts and source quotes for the piece, it's best to tell me now, before I begin writing.


The Content

Because I have an SEO background, all of the content I write is written through the lens of SEO. If you have conducted keyword research and know which keyword you would like the content optimized around, I will work to meet those needs; if not, I am happy to choose one that I believe aligns to your business needs, the needs of your customer/reader, and the goals of the content.

That being said, I always write with the needs of the reader in mind first. Answering their questions and clarifying any potential confusion is always my number one priority.

Burning Money
Stack of Pennies


And Making Revisions

My goal in writing content is to make you happy. This means that if you review the content and would like to see any edits, I’m more than happy to oblige. I do, however, typically limit a project to two rounds of edits. Because the outline is agreed upon early in the process, if edits consist of significantly altering the originally agreed upon scope, I may charge an extra fee.

Writing Samples 

Below you can find some samples of my writing, broken down into the following categories: How-to Guides, SEO-Driven Content, Money Diaries & Experiments, and Reviews. If you would like samples of my writing on a particular subject area, please contact me via the form above and I will be happy to provide it directly to you.

How to Eat Healthy on a BudgetAcorns (9/6/2019).

How to Cover an Emergency Even When You’re Scraping ByGrow Magazine (5/23/2018).

How to Pay Down Your Car Loan WiselyNorthwestern Mutual (10/18/2017).

How to Start Investing: A Beginner’s GuideNorthwestern Mutual (10/17/2017). 

How to Pay Down Your Mortgage FasterNorthwestern Mutual (10/26/2017).

How to Keep Track of Your Student LoansStudent Debt Warriors (8/22/2019). 

How to Build an Emergency Fund: Tips & Advice for SaversStudent Debt Warriors (10/21/2018). 

How Much Money Do You Need for Wealth Management Services?” Northwestern Mutual (6/24/2021)

Should You Refinance Your Federal Student Loans? 3 Questions to Ask” Northwestern Mutual (6/2/2020).

Can I Get Life Insurance on Someone Who Is Dying?” Northwestern Mutual (5/11/2021).

Flood Insurance 101: What Homeowners Need to Know” Matic Blog (4/15/2021).

Auto Insurance 101: What You Need to Know About Car Insurance” Matic Blog (3/9/2021).

What Is the FDIC?Acorns (2/12/2020).

What Is a Direct Deposit Account?Acorns (2/12/2020). 

What Is Capital Gains Tax?Northwestern Mutual (1/9/2020).

FSA vs. HSA: What’s the Difference?Northwestern Mutual (2/19/2020). 

Pros and Cons of Student LoansStudent Debt Warriors (9/5/2019). 

Wealth Management Guide” Northwestern Mutual (1/14/2021).

Guide to Financial Planning in Your 30s” Northwestern Mutual (10/15/2021).

21 best parenting apps in 2022” Wealthy Single Mommy (9/7/2021).

8 Types of Homeowners Insurance Policies to Know” Matic Blog (7/2/2021).

How to Become a Project Manager” Northeastern University Blog (4/16/2021).

How to file for divorce in each state” Wealthy Single Mommy (12/20/2020).

The Supply Chain Professional’s Guide to Warehouse Automation” Conveyco Technologies (2/26/2018).

In-house Fulfillment Strategies to Help You Scale Your Ecommerce Operation” Conveyco Technologies (8/13/2018).

Conduent Student Loans Review: What You Need to KnowCredible Student Loans (2/20/2020).

OSLA Student Loans: What Borrowers Need to KnowCredible Student Loans (2/21/2020).

Best Egg Personal Loans ReviewCredible Student Loans (1/7/2020).

Chase Freedom Unlimited Card ReviewCredible Student Loans (12/09/2019).

How to Use Acorns to Start Investing and Make MoneyStudent Debt Warriors (8/28/2018).

How to Use Stash to Buy Stocks and Start InvestingStudent Debt Warriors (7/3/2019).

Pluto Money App: Money Management for Generation ZStudent Debt Warriors (7/7/2019).

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