How to Get the Most Out of Your Blast Account: 7 Tips


The Blast gaming app is a new app designed to help users make money simply by playing games on their phones. It works by referring games to users, who earn small cash rewards by completing in-game missions—easy as that!

Whether you’ve already downloaded Blast or you’re still on the fence, below are some tips that you can use to get the most out of your Blast account. Following them could help you earn more money, develop stronger saving habits, and get the absolute greatest value out of the app.

1. Link your bank right away.

In order to truly get the most out of Blast, you’ll need to link your bank to your account. Without linking your bank, you won’t be able to actually access any of the money you make through Blast, which kind of renders the app pointless. I personally have my Blast account linked to my Ally bank account, but more than 9,000 banks are supported, so you shouldn’t have any issue connecting yours.


If you’re weary of sharing your bank details with a new app, you can also opt to connect Blast to your PayPal account, if you have one. If you do this, just note that there will be a 30-cent fee anytime you transfer money into or out of your Blast account.

2. Complete the onboarding survey (if it is offered to you).

When I signed up for Blast, one of the first missions offered to me was an onboarding survey that asked me for my opinions around how easy it was to use, navigate, and understand Blast. The survey took less than a minute to complete, and rewarded me with an instant $1 and 10,000 experience points. While none of the missions in Blast are “difficult” to complete, this was by far the easiest dollar that I’d ever made in my life. In short, if you’re offered the chance to take the survey, I recommend you do so.

The reason I say “if you’re offered it” is because: I don’t know if all users are allowed to complete the survey. Users could be chosen at random, or only after they’ve used the app for a certain length of time.

3. Earn as many experience points as possible to rank up tiers in the Leaderboard.

Completing missions in Blast will earn you two things: An instant cash payout, and experience points. While the instant cash is great, the experience points are arguably more important, because they will help you rank higher in the leaderboard.


Doing so can help you earn even more money on a daily basis—from $0.25 to $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, or even $50 each day.

Note: When Blast originally launched, the Leaderboard was a weekly event and featured much higher payouts. An update to the app on March 24, 2019 changed the Leaderboard into a daily event and dropped the payouts for each tier to better reflect the increased frequency of payout.

4. Try all of the featured games, even the ones you don’t think you’ll like.

I will be the first person to admit that some of the games featured in Blast don’t always look very fun. Often, they will look like ripoff versions of other popular games. But sometimes, even the worst looking games can be a lot of fun. Two games that I was initially very skeptical about have actually wound up being favorites of mine, which I continue to play even after completing their missions. You might be surprised to discover the same for you.

Beyond this is the fact that some really bad looking games will wind up offering the best payouts. Case in point: I played a Kim Kardashian game for 5 minutes and earned $1.25 while waiting for an oil change. Another game (below) paid out a dollar and also took me just a few minutes to complete while waiting. Life changing money? No. But an easy buck is an easy buck, and a better use of my time compared to looking up memes on my phone.



5. Always complete the timed missions.

One of the most common types of missions offered through Blast are “timed missions” which require you to play a game for a certain length of time to earn your reward, typically 15 minutes. Usually, these missions pay out 25 cents and 2,500 experience points each.

I know what you’re thinking: You’d have to complete four of these missions in order to make a dollar! That’s one dollar made in an hour of my time. Surely that isn’t worth it.


While the payout isn’t exactly great, there’s one simple reason that I always complete the timed missions: They’re easy! You don’t even actually need to actively play a game to earn the reward—you just need to have the app open on your phone. To take advantage of this fact, I turned my phone’s screen timer (the length of time before your phone screen turns off when idle) up to its maximum. When I have a timed mission to work towards, I simply log into the game and let it sit, while I go about my other business: Washing the dishes, watching TV, even working. Once 15 minutes has passed, I’ll log back into Blast to make sure that I’ve earned my reward, and then simply close the app.

6. Consider taking a week off.

Like I said above, earning experience points and ranking higher and higher on the leaderboard is one of the most powerful ways for you to make as much money as possible using Blast. To really rank high in the leaderboard, you’ll need to complete a lot of missions—potentially, all of the missions featured on a given day.

New missions are added to Blast on a rolling basis. Most weeks, you’ll find Blast adding around five or six new missions. If these are the only missions available to you, you likely won’t rank very high on the leaderboard. There simply won’t be enough missions for you to earn the experience points that you need to rank higher.

For example, in the first week that I used Blast, I had a lot of missions to choose from: Around 20 featured missions. I completed a lot of these, and finished the week in Tier 5 and earned $5. But the next week I only had eight missions to choose from, and I finished the week in Tier 8.

That’s why I regularly take a week or two off when using Blast. I’ll work really hard to complete as many missions as I can one week and rank as high as possible on the leaderboard, and then I won’t complete any missions for a week or two. This gives Blast more time to replenish the missions for me, so that the next time I decide to log on, I can earn a lot of experience points and rank higher.

Update: Even after the Leaderboard changed from a weekly into a daily event, this advice holds true: Taking a week off from using the app every so often will allow the number of available missions to replenish so that you always have enough to rank higher on the Leaderboard.

7. Take advantage of the 2% interest rate.

Your Blast account pays an interest rate of 2% on any money in your account, whether it’s money that you earned by completing missions or it’s money that you transfer into you Blast account manually. 2% is actually a very high interest rate compared to the .2% average offered by most large banks. Even if you don’t play a lot of games or complete a lot of missions, if Blast offers a higher interest rate than your current bank, you might want to consider manually transferring money into your Blast account to take advantage of the higher rate.

The Bottom Line

You’re not going to get rich by playing games through Blast. But if you already play games on your phone and use Blast, following these simple tips can help you get as much value as possible out of your Blast account.

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